L.A. Resource Guide

General Resources

National Lymphedema Network
Comprehensive information on the support, education and treatment of lymphedema.

Simms/Mann-UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology (formerly the Ted Mann Family Resource Center)
This non-profit Center has services to assist people with cancer, their families and significant others from the point of diagnosis through all phases of cancer and its treatments. Our programs include: Individual, couple and family counseling, groups (healing through art, meditation, QiGong, support, etc.) and other mind-body programs; Nutrition, Supplements & Complementary Medicine, Psychiatry, public lectures, and information resources.

The Cancer Nutrition Center
The Cancer Nutrition Center is the web site of Carolyn Katzin M.S.P.H., C.N.S. and offers information about cancer and nutrition with links to other nutrition-related web sites.

USCNorris Cancer Hospital-Henrietta Lee Breast Center

Vital Options
Vital Options is a nationally syndicated live radio talk show (Sundays 4-6 pm) that deals with cancer and related issues.

Women's Information Network Against Breast Cancer (WIN ABC)
Dedicated to helping breast cancer survivors and their families by promoting patient education, outreach and support with rapid access to pertinent information and programs in English and Spanish.

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