Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program is Funded $150 million in FY 2009

The Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program (DOD BCRP) was funded at $150 million for FY 2009. Thanks to the support of our friends in Congress and grassroots advocacy, this is a $12.0 million increase over FY 2008. Currently (FY 2010) we are asking for level funding of $150 million.

In 1992, the National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC) brought about the development of an unprecedented multi-million dollar breast cancer research project within the Department of Defense (DoD) that has attracted more than 26,500 research proposals. Federal funding for this program since its inception in 1991 has reached more than $2 billion. NBCC worked vigorously to ensure consumer advocate participation in peer review of DoD Breast Cancer Research Program proposals.

LABCA worked tirelessly with NBCC to develop the DoD Breast Cancer Research Program and continues to be a strong partner with NBCC in our advocacy efforts to have Congress appropriate federal funding every year for breast cancer research. What makes this a stellar program is that innovative, high risk/high reward research is funded. It is peer-reviewed and advocates not only sit on the review panels, but are involved in every aspect of the program. LABCA members have reviewed grants for this program and previously an advocate chaired the integration panel.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming involved - in learning the science of breast cancer or in becoming an advocate, contact LABCA for information. LABCA makes it easy and LABCA makes it fun. And as you can see, becoming involved can make a huge difference. Contact LABCA at 310-453-1046 or

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