LABCA Welcomes a New Community Outreach Coordinator

I am so happy to have joined an outstanding organization such as the Los Angeles Breast Cancer Alliance.

Let me introduce myself by saying that I have an extensive background in Human Resources and most recently managed a women's gym, working with women of diverse backgrounds and with many varied needs

As LABCA's Outreach Coordinator, it is my goal in this upcoming year to assist in the growth of the organization. My efforts will be spent reaching out to community-based organizations, encouraging those who already use our Friends Helping Friends services to continue, and to include new partners such as Olive View Hospital. By reaching further into the community, we will be able to touch a much wider group of people who need services that LABCA offers. These services are providing transportation to and from treatments and supplying bras, prosthesis, wigs and other special needs to women facing breast cancer.

In addition, I will be helping to expand the newest program for young survivors. This program helps meet the needs of women under 45 who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Finally, a very important part of my position is to help support the efforts of the Board in its quest for advocacy. I will join our team to persuade and lobby Congress to continue appropriating federal funds for research so that in the future we can find the cause of the disease and ultimately eradicate it.

I wish everyone a very happy and heath holiday season and on into the New Year.

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