LABCA helps Katrina Evacuees

Excerpts from request by Executive Director of Texas Gulf Coast Affiliate of Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization:

Request Received September 20, 2005

"Dear LABCA Members,

It was so nice to talk with you. We so appreciate the help the Los Angeles Breast Cancer Alliance is providing to Hurricane Katrina victims.

The patient was one treatment away from completing her chemotherapy when Hurricane Katrina hit. She spent 3 days without food or water and was evacuated to the Houston Astrodome. When she arrived she was quickly sent to LBJ Hospital for treatment. Her kidneys had stopped functioning and she needed immediate dialysis. She will continue to need dialysis for 3 days a week for the foreseeable future... I learned about the patient when her sister called asking for a replacement prostheses for her... She said that her immediate concern was to find a bed for her and a washer and dryer so she can keep everything clean... While I have been impressed with the courage of all the Katrina evacuees I'm working with, I have been especially touched by this patient's sister. She isn't thinking at all about herself and her own needs, but is focused entirely on her sister's needs. She is working so hard under such trying conditions to establish a safe new home for her sister and her niece...

Debra Johnson
Executive Director"

Update Received October 20, 2005

"Dear LABCA,

I wanted to check in and tell you that the patient you bought the washer and dryer for has started her cancer treatment again. It's a challenge since she is in dialysis three times a week, but she is working at it...

Thanks so much,
Debra Johnson"

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